Glitter Bar

A Glitter Bar will add that extra sparkle to any event.  Just a dash of glitter or a full fun look will bring out the inner sparkle of your guests.


A Glitter Bar is perfect for Hen Parties, Wedding Receptions, Children's Parties, Fetes and Fairs, Corporate events, in fact for any occasion


Who doesn't like a bit of glitter?

Festival Glitter 🔥_#glittertastics #mak

The Experience  


Your Glitter Bar will look inviting and offer you and your guests an array of colourful, sparkly designs which can be created on the face, beard, shoulders and décolletage.

Choose your design or let me run free to create something wonderful with my artistic talent. 

Glitter bar

To Make A Booking: 

To request a bespoke quote to hire the glitter bar experience, please email and include the following information:

  • Date of Event

  • Location

  • No. of people attending

  • Start of Glitter Time

  • End of Glitter Time (Min 2 Hours)