Meet 9 to 5, the perfect office buddy. The lash that takes you from the  'just got out of bed' look to the 'I've got this' look, because girl, you've got this! 

9 to 5

  • Be careful with me!


    When applying me, make sure you size me against your eye and cut away any excess length.

    Apply a layer of lash glue to my band, leave it to go tacky, then apply to your lash line. (I recommend the DUO Lash Glue)

    Pinch the lash to blend me in with your natural lashes, apply mascara and you're good to go!


    To remove me, gently pull from the outer corner and peel me off. Gently pick off any excess glue from my lash band, then pop me in a cotton pad sandwich with micellar water to clean. Leave me for 10 minutes, then remove the cotton pads and rinse me under water to remove any residue product.

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